dealcloser is a unique online platform that streamlines the transaction process, creating a better transaction experience for lawyers and their clients.


June 9, 2017 – Legal transactions, or “deals”, are paper heavy and require a lot of time and people to complete. The many tasks required to keep a deal organized and running smoothly are time consuming for law firms and expensive for their clients.

dealcloser, a unique online software platform, is modernizing the deal closing process. With dealcloser, lawyers can now automate and even eliminate many of the non-value added tasks currently required to complete a deal, such as preparing signature pages, printing and organizing hundreds of documents into physical folders, and preparing a closing book. Lawyers can use dealcloser to manage a large number of documents, track document versions, and send documents for signatures, all from a secure, clean, and simple electronic interface – called the Dynamic Closing Agenda™. Clients can then review documents and execute the same at their convenience. The transaction process has never been easier.

“We created dealcloser to bring technological change to a stagnant transactional process,” said co-founder Ashvin Singh. “Paper and signatures are less common everywhere, but law firms haven’t kept up.”

DealCloser Inc. is launching dealcloser in June 2017 to its first customers. Request a virtual demo of dealcloser and receive a free trial to try dealcloser out for yourself.


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DealCloser Inc. was co-founded in July 2016 by lawyers Amir Reshef and Ashvin Singh.



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