Clio Integration

Legal professionals can now benefit from Clio, the world's leading cloud-based practice management solution, and dealcloser’s integration. dealcloser provides an innovative hub that brings lawyers, clients and other parties together on a transaction to give clients the best experience possible during a deal.

dealcloser strengthens the relationship between lawyers and their clients during transactions (whether M&A, incorporations or tax driven reorganizations) by providing a hub where lawyers, clients and other parties relevant to a deal can all collaborate. Clio transforms how law firms are run, allowing lawyers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with clients.

With the Clio and dealcloser integration, lawyers can take documents stored in Clio’s document management system and upload those documents directly into a dealcloser project. dealcloser ensures that clients are engaged throughout the transaction process and supports real-time notifications, the ability to electronically sign documents, document version control and multi-party collaboration. At the end of the deal, users can create a closing book with the click of a button.

Legal professionals can confidently manage their clients’ important transaction documents and also eliminate communication barriers with their clients during the chaotic deal process. dealcloser ensures that clients feel like they are their lawyer’s top priority during deals. Legal professionals can learn more about the benefits of the Clio and dealcloser integration on Clio’s App Directory.