3 things we learnt from LESA Legal Technology Conference 2018

dealcloser's co-founders, Ashvin Singh and Amir Reshef at the LESA Legal Technology Conference 2018.

dealcloser's co-founders, Ashvin Singh and Amir Reshef at the LESA Legal Technology Conference 2018.


On May 25, dealcloser’s co- founders Ashvin and Amir attended the Legal Education Society of Alberta’s (“LESA”) Legal Technology Conference. It was a very informative and enjoyable event and there were a few key takeaways and discussions that we thought we’d share.


1. Clients are setting expectations regarding technology

One lawyer shared a story about a younger client that came in to the office to sign documents related to a loan. After signing the documents, the lawyer asked his client how her experience was, as the lawyer always does with his clients. His client told him she was shocked she had to come in and physically sign documents, as she manages every other aspect of her business from her phone or computer.

This story will only become more common as time goes on. More and more people expect to be able to use technology to manage their legal needs just like they manage other aspects of their businesses. Furthermore, lawyers should keep in mind that a generational shift is coming and more businesses will be owned and operated by millenials, who expect all services to be provided digitally, including legal.


2. Email is not secure

We’ve talked about email security (or lack thereof) before - and it also came up a number of times during the day, including at a panel specifically on email versus client portals. Email was never built with security as a focus and there are a number of ways in which email can be compromised. Law firms should probably not be sending important and confidential documents over email but should instead use a client portal that allows clients to access documents in a secure environment. You can read more about this topic on our blog by clicking the link above.


3. Legal technology can help lawyers continue to raise the bar with their clients

Legal technology does take some effort on the front-end - implementation, onboarding, learning - but good legal technology can help provide better service to clients, which is the ultimate goal. Good technology should enable lawyers to do better, whether that means be more efficient (work faster, work smarter) or provide a final product that is more professional. However, lawyers want legal vendors to understand that lawyers need technology that is designed well and that is intuitive to use. Otherwise, all the benefits of technology can easily be eroded by difficult to use technology. That’s one message that’s always been important to us at dealcloser: it doesn’t matter how great we think our product is, our clients must think so too, in order for us to make a difference. It’s always good for us to hear that lesson (and the LESA conference was a great reminder) so that we always ensure we are creating a product that works for our customers, not just us.

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