Legal Workflow Process: Polish your brand and meet the expectations of clients in 2018

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Many legal offices still have a very archaic legal transaction workflow process - if that’s your office, it may be time to move forward and polish your brand. With transaction management software you will not only provide a very polished and organized process to your clients that builds trust and confidence in your firm, but you will also be able to close deals much faster.

Many firms don't think about the impact of a deal driven by locally stored PDFs, paper sorted into physical folders or numerous emails. You could potentially misspell a client’s name on one out of 100 signature pages, accidentally omit a page from a signature page package, or even completely miss a deadline to close the deal due to signature delays.



Bring Order to Chaos with dealcloser


You can bring order to the chaos of legal transactions by streamlining your workflow process. A simpler, easier workflow process powered by technology can increase efficiencies and get your deals closed faster, increase organization, and avoid costly errors.

With dealcloser, you can count on a secure, end-to-end portal for legal transactions. Our tool simplifies the madness of the transaction process.


Legal Transaction Management

Using dealcloser’s transaction management software, everyone at your firm can manage a deal’s working group list, use version control to ensure that the most recent document is the one under review, have a real-time look at the status of the deal and send notifications to keep the deal on track - ensuring that you never miss a beat. At the end of the deal, impress your clients with a professional appearing closing book that you generate with one click and that you can then share with your clients.


Signature Management

Needless to say, obtaining signatures in a timely fashion can be a challenge in itself. That’s why dealcloser has built a signature management solution that allows you to simplify the complex signature process. dealcloser offers real-time e-signature signing and tracking, scheduling, reminders and alerts. We also recognize that your clients need to be able to sign deal documents on any device, anywhere, anytime. No more couriers or repeat visits for new signatures.

Efficient transactions are good for your firm – and great for your clients. Satisfied clients will do more deals with your firm and be more likely to give you referrals. Start a free 14 day trial today with dealcloser, so you can see how easy and simple it is to polish your brand with transaction management software.


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