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We spoke to Charles from Cultovo, a corporate client of a law firm that utilizes dealcloser. We wanted to get his perspective on the end user/client experience and learn how dealcloser positively impacted Charles. Here is what Charles had to say.

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Charles Nokes, a corporate client of a law firm that utilizes dealcloser.

Charles Nokes, a corporate client of a law firm that utilizes dealcloser.

DEALCLOSER: What was your experience before using dealcloser in terms of reviewing and signing documents? What process did you use?

CHARLES NOKES: Our experience was resignation, we basically tolerated dealing with documents. It wasn’t at all efficient but you have to get it done. We’d get the documents from the lawyer and go through them. Then it came time to get them signed. Well, we have about seven shareholders but not all of them are consistently active or in the same place at one time, we all don’t work together in one office. We’d get maybe half of the signatures in person and the other half we had to send over email, explaining exactly what was going on, what the document was about, asking them to please go through it and see if there was any questions and then requesting that they send us the signed copy back.



We would always get counterpart signature pages coming back to us and then one of us would have to compile all those pages together, usually me. I would take the five to seven PDFs and make them into one PDF and save them in a specific place and make sure that everybody got signed copies. It was a tedious and time-consuming process.


DC: So on an average, before using dealcloser, how long did this process take you?

CN: In one case, a document took months to get signed because it wasn’t a high priority. We sent it out and said "get this back to us when you can” but of course our shareholders would forget about it and then we had to send a few follow up reminders. By the time we got all the signatures and compiled the document, months had passed.


DC: How did dealcloser make things better for you?

CN: Overall, dealcloser makes the whole process pain-free. I know once our lawyer has the documents on dealcloser, I can forget about them because I know it’s been taken care of. If someone forgets to sign a document, dealcloser sends a reminder. I don’t have to spend another second thinking about making sure the document has been signed.

The biggest improvement is I don’t have to worry about spending time getting the documents to all the shareholders, I don’t have to worry about whether I missed someone or not or whether they had enough time to review the document. As soon as the document is ready for signing, a notification goes out to all the parties saying that you have documents on dealcloser that require your review and signature. At that point, that’s it, the shareholder has to do it. Then all I have to do is log into dealcloser and if a shareholder has not signed it, I can tell at a glance and send a reminder. And dealcloser also sends out reminders, too, so we can literally just let it lie, and I know it’s taken care of. I don’t have to spend another second thinking about making sure the document has been signed. I know that it is a secure platform where everybody can sign it very quickly and review it as well and all the versions are controlled, I don’t have to do anything. Whereas before I had to write an email to everybody explaining the document and make sure the right version is attached, and then wait for everybody to send me files. I’d get seven different files and spend hours putting it all together into one document. Now I don’t have to do any of that.


DC: What do you like most about dealcloser?

CN: It’s simple and has a clean interface. Once you log in, you’ve got a very well organized tutorial and explanations for setting up your e-signature. Once your profile is set up, it’s a very clean interface and you see all the documents that you are required to sign. It’s very easy to understand how to review and then sign documents.


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