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dealcloser is a transaction management hub for legal professionals that brings you and your clients together on a deal, transforming and modernizing the deal process. Client relationships are at the core of any law firm and even small transactions require significant client interaction. Whether you have one or many deals on the go, use dealcloser to ensure that each client feels like they’re your priority.


Give your clients the best experience with dealcloser

Data Security


  • Clients can view and access their deal documents
  • Clients can electronically sign documents
  • Clients can track the progress of the deal
Reduce Risk


  • Send notifications to your clients telling them to review and sign documents
  • Create a professional closing book for your clients with the click of a button
Create Value


  • Eliminate communication barriers between parties by inviting other counsel and advisors to the deal so that everyone is collaborating from one hub

dealcloser™ makes legal transactions accurate, simple and secure

dealcloser is an online platform designed for corporate lawyers that makes the transaction process more efficient and accurate, automating or eliminating many of the non-value-added administrative tasks required to keep a deal running smoothly.

Reduce your risk of mistake during a transaction and impress your clients by using dealcloser today.

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